Website keeps on giving error message

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Can you please help me solve this problem?

I am amenable that I don’t know the reason why this error message has came out.

This just recently appeared when one of the test participants was trying to make reservations.

Why does this American Airline website just brought an annoying message?

What might be the cause of this?

At what point do you think I made an error?

How may I continue doing the reservation?



Invalid State Error

Unfortunately. we are unable to continue due to one of the following:

• Too much time has elapsed between submitting entries

• Multiple browser windows have been opened

• Incorrect use of the browser’s Back button

• Attempting o use expired bookmarked pages

Any changes that were attempted may be lost. Please start over.


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Website keeps on giving error message


Based on the error

“Too much time has elapsed between submitting entries” this airline reservation system has a function to make sure every customer had a secure processing reservation on their system and that error may also cause of slow internet connection, it may expires and lose of data during the reservation process on the web browser.

“Multiple browser windows have been opened” you probably open the same web page on different browser; it can may affect the transaction and declined your reservation. So avoid using multiple browsers.

“Incorrect use of the browser’s back button” back button can affect your reservation process if the system has no strong functions and they are using different kind of scripts, they probably having a bad malfunction so they can’t bring back the data. To solve this avoid using back button make sure your entry is just right.

“Attempting to use expired bookmarked pages” possibly you saved your previews reservation or like the first error it takes much time to put another movement on it, the best way is to have a new start, don’t make any wrong inputs and take your reservation as fast as you can quickly be complete. 

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