Basic systematic steps to adhere with respect to Designing Website

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What are the steps involved in designing a website for my small firm? I am a young businessperson who deals in auto parts. I have been in business for the past two year and I would like to take my business to the next level. With the creation of the website, it is easier I believe to be able to step in reaching other business partners and customers in the E- Commerce world. Thank you.

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Basic systematic steps to adhere with respect to Designing Website



There are several requirements to develop a website. First of all, make sure to collect all the necessary items and then, involve in developing the website and publishing it.

First, make sure that whether you’re familiar with website development. There are many languages available for developing websites. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET are some of them. If you wish not to code your website, you can use some drag-and-drop functioning program, like, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress etc. are good ones.

Next, it’s time to choose the server. If you intend to use HTML, PHP etc. free and open-source programming language, it’s best for choosing a Linux host server as it’ll cost you the least. If you intend to make your website on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, you’ll have to spend lots of money in learning, developing, and managing the server. Hosting is also costly.

There are many templates available on the online for deploying on your website. You can get any of them or make your site plain.

If you think, you can also hire dedicated web developers. It’s best to choose good and experienced ones from any freelancing sites, like oDesk. Paying them a good amount, you’ll get a good website for your business.

In neither case, you can use any free web hosting service, like Blogger, WordPress etc.

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