Want to know something about Speed TV Software

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Hi Experts,

 I have heard about Speed TV and have questions in mind.

1.      Is it true that we can watch, pause, record and replay while watching TV through this software?

2.      What are the system and internet requirements to install Speed TV?

3.      Do we have the option on Speed Simple TV Playlists?

I am waiting for the answers anxiously.

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Want to know something about Speed TV Software



Speed TV Player (also known as Digital TV Software) offers a lot of features that cannot be seen from other media players. You are actually correct: Speed TV Player allows you to watch, record, pause and replay live TV shows. It has an intelligent EPG that guides you about different shows and their timeslots. You can record your favorite shows as a video or audio file on your hard drive and even get to play them in their original quality. It also supports subtitle, multiple language and audio channels. If you’ve got Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or higher (available up to Windows 7), then you will not have any problem installing it. You may download this software for only $7.00.

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