Sony Picture Package required for Windows 7

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Hi Experts,

I am using Sony camcorder model DCR-HC36.

I want to transfer my videos/pictures to PC but unfortunately being less computer literate I don’t know how to do it.

Will anyone guide me to find Sony Picture Package for Windows 7.

What steps will I have to follow to transfer my videos/pictures.

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Sony Picture Package required for Windows 7


Good day Barbara

You will need a capture card and an A/V cable to transfer you videos and picture from you camcorder to your pc.

This can be internal or a USB (external) capture cards.

There are many this is just an example.

The latter these days are easy to install and various computer shops stock them. Go to your local shop purchase a TV tuner card (capture card) with RCA inputs, and an A/V cable if you don`t have one.

First thing you need to do is installing your capture card, the software is inside the box or download the latest version from the manufacture`s website.

When that is finish, go to the settings of the software on your pc. You will find a "composite" setting, this will enabled you to watch what is on your camcorder. Put the video cassette into the camcorder.

plug the a/v cable into the camcorder ,

and into the RCA inputs on you capture card. that is why the RCA cables is so important. RCA inputs/ cables have the red, yellow and white color. next start the capture software, check that the composite setting is enabled.

Start playing your video cassette and push recording on your capture software. This will now record your videos and any pictures on your video cassette to you pc. 

If i can make a suggestion get one of the latest camcorders that can record on a dvd disk or a micro sd card that usually comes with the camcorder, most of them do.

The camcorder that uses a micro sd card is it very simple to transfer you videos and pictures to you pc. Many pc`s or laptops got a card reader installed. Just take the micro sd card out insert into the pc and copy and paste from the micro sd card. This is an example of a camcorder that is using a micro sd card:


This is a lot of information, and I hope it will help you.

this is a link to Sony website for a similar camcorder 

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