DisplayFusion 4.0.1 Delivers Suitable Displays

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The interesting DisplayFusion 4.0.1 software has turned the view of looking monitor differently. I’m just if it is delivers proper resolution to the displays.

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DisplayFusion 4.0.1 Delivers Suitable Displays


Hello friend,

The new DisplayFusion 4.0.1 was revealed recently. It s used for multiple monitor usage. This is a utility which makes multiple monitor so easy. DisplayFusion installs an icon in your system tray that holds menu for configuring a multi-monitor setup. And its menu is well designed and very useful. The application passed all tests from users.

In DisplayFusion there are hotkey combinations for number of tasks, such as moving a window to the center of a monitor or resizing a window or spanning window all over screen are also available. And its support for German, Spanish and English languages are appreciable. The experts saying that anyone using multiple monitor should have try this free version of software.

Displayfusion 4.0.1 will make the dual monitor experience smooth and easy. The new features available in this version are

  • Added window sizing ToolTip improvements
  • Fixed issues with Built-in DisplayFusion Photos Screen saver
  • Fixed the right to left language using

Briefly we can say this is a good software for multiple monitor users.

Hope you get the answer, have a nice day.

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DisplayFusion 4.0.1 Delivers Suitable Displays


If you are a user that frequently uses several monitors when working then this one is for you. This utility is recommended for users that need to manage multiple monitors. DisplayFusion puts an icon in the system tray that shows a menu where you can configure a multi-monitor setup for your system. It has well organized tabbed menus for easy reading and access.

When this application was tested, it worked acceptably and quickly responds to commands. They also liked it because hotkey combinations can be configured for a number of tasks like centering a window on the screen, spanning a window across all monitors, and resizing a window. You can also add a taskbar for each monitor you are using.

Other user favorites include the ability to modify how you can drag items between screens and synchronize wallpaper across the monitors. This is really recommended for users who are working with multiple monitors. Download and install DisplayFusion 5.0.1.

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