Virtual Drive CMOS BIOS Configuration

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I have to format my hard disk to make partitions.

Next to it I go to CMOS properties to disable all connection which can reboot the system, then suddenly, I saved the configuration.

Then it turn into black screen asking for boot source, when I load the bootable source on the CD ROM, why the DOS system cannot find my bootable source disc?

My IDE works well as well as my bootable source disc.

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Virtual Drive CMOS BIOS Configuration


I don't understand why is it you need to go to CMOS and disable all connections after you created a partition if all seems well and you are not experiencing any error after you formatted the hard drive.

If you want to boot on the CD-ROM you need to change the booting sequence in the BIOS. Make CD/DVD-ROM to boot first, then second the hard disk and so on.

Maybe you disable everything in the BIOS without even knowing what those options are for.

If you don’t fully understand what is the purpose of some of the commands in the BIOS just leave them as they were before because if you keep on changing its settings you might end up crippling the system.

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Virtual Drive CMOS BIOS Configuration


Hi Patrick Lord,

I want to answer you this question which seem to be very simple. We have to undergo what the work of the CMOS BIO set up

When we talk of BIO set up we mean that this is where you are instructing the  computer where to get its booting material.

This materials could be stored in the hard disk or CD ROM( compact disk Read Only Memory).

Since you have disconnected all this setting as you have said the computer will not be able to get where its going to boot from.

The thing that you may need to note is that you have to tell the computer where the brain(Source of booting material) is.

This can also be likened by having water in a pipe that you have blocked at the middle and you expect water to flow to the other end.

The solution lies where you should put back those BIO set up and I am so sure you will see a place written booting sequence

Thank you.

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