Cisco small Business showing me error

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My problem is very critical please help me. The problem is that When I on my Cisco Small Business WAP4410N on SMN Free Wap then an error will occur that enter your pin code but I have not set any type of pin code on it. The program is free and there is not any type of pin is needed for this software, So where the message is occurred? And how do I got rid of this message? Please help.


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Cisco small Business showing me error


Hey there Anderson1234!

Howdy? Are you pretty sure that you are connecting with the correct Wireless Access Protocol (WAP)?

I suggest you to ask the moderator because I guess it is not free. If it is free, it should not ask for PIN code. It can be a fake  or fraudWireless Access Protocol. I suggest you to try to release the IP and then renew it to be able to get Internet Protocol into the Wireless Access Protocol for it to work. But the best thing to do is contact your moderator and ask why it is asking for PIN if it is totally free. Have a once day ahead. Good luck!


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