UTP Cat 5 problem, how will I solve it?

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UTP Cat 5 problem, how will I solve it?

My friend has computer shop business.

She has 6 units of Intel Celeron computers and she has a problem on connecting her computers in one router and hub.

She 100 m of UTP Cat 5 but she has no knowledge on how to connect it with all the computers.

She tried to watch related videos to solve her problem, but nothing happens.

She even research on how to connect it from her computers.

What she will do in order to connect her computers in one Hub and Router?

Please help her.

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UTP Cat 5 problem, how will I solve it?


Hello Pia Grace!

Does your friend know how to make a UTP CAT5 cable?

Are there any RJ-45’s?

Does the router or hub have more than 4 ports?

What is the range of the computers from each other?

What kind of connection would you want?

Anyways, Here are some things you might need to know before setting up the computers to be connected and ready to share files over one single router and hub.

You need to know how to make the cable’s to connect to the computers.

Before you start connecting the cables into the computers you need to put RJ-45’s(these are the things stuck at the ends of the cables). You can purchase these at computer accessory shops. Next is how to make the cables yourself to lessen the budget cost for connection all computers.

1.Things you may need:Crimper, Scissors, RJ-45’s, Cables.To make the cables you need to first cut the cable to the length of which each computer may reach the router or hub.

2. Cut out a small portion of the cable coat at least an inch long.Stretch out the colored cables out.Arrange the colored wires in this order(with the golden pins of the RJ-45 facing you) Green White, Green, White Orange, Blue, White Blue, Orange, White Brown, and Brown.Insert the cables into the RJ-45.Make sure that the arrangements of the colored wires are in the same position as Green White, Green, White Orange, Blue, White Blue, Orange, White Brown, and Brown.Crimp the golden pins into wires.Do the same on the other end.Repeat all steps until you have all the cables ready to use.

3. As for the router will be the main source used to connect to the internet. You may want to use the hub to connect all the computers together and use another cable to connect it to the router.

4. First you need to connect the router to the internet via phone line or your internet service provider.

When your routers internet symbol is lighting. You can now connect your hub to the router.

The hub will be used to connect all the computers. Connect all the cables into the hub and check if the LAN Card (at the back of computer with the lighting bulb) is also connected with the other end of the cable.

5. After all the cables have been connected you can check the connection of the computers by establishing a home network or public network using the “My Network Places” icon. Follow the instructions given by the program on how to establish a connection (Do this to all computers to make sure that the connection has been established)

6. When all of these have been done you may now start sharing files or connect to the internet with the entire network of computers connected in one router.

I Hope this solution helped you solve your problem.

Good luck with your connection!

Don’t forget to check daily for updates for each computer to ensure its connectivity on the network.

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