Problem face during use of keyboard

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When filling out forms, I often use the tab key to get from box to box. This does not work. Any way to get it to work that way, like it does on a desktop?

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Problem face during use of keyboard


Hi there , 

It seems you need help regarding the malfunction of a tab key in your keyboard. This is a very uncommon error in my PC life.

Before thinking of getting a new keyboard , Try my simple steps or methods carefully :- 

1. Uninstall the keyboard driver from right clicking computer -> properties -> advanced -> Device manager and then find the driver and then uninstall it.

Now restart your PC then automatically the driver will be installed. 

2. Check if the tab works on MS word just type tab and see if the cursor jumps .

IF not then your tab key is dead . Replace your keyboard. It's so cheap you could get one for 5 $ .

Good luck.

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Problem face during use of keyboard


Actually, it all depends on the form you are currently on. I also experience that occasionally and no matter how I press on the “Tab” button on the keyboard, the cursor on the form just doesn’t transfer or move to the next box. But there are also forms that allow the use of the “Tab” button.

It really just depends on the kind of form you are using or provided to you. I don’t see any alternative to that. I don’t think uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver will help because in the first place, your keyboard is not broken or specifically the “Tab” button. You can test the “Tab” button on other applications to verify if it is working or not.

You can test it on Microsoft Office Word. Press the “Tab” button to create indentions. If it works perfectly then there’s no need to touch the keyboard driver. If you encounter a form where the “Tab” button is not working, it is probably because the form disables it intentionally. In this case, just use your mouse to move along the boxes in the form.

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