Uses of Appserv or XAMPP

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What's the use of Appserv or XAMPP on making dreamweaver and sql unite? What other software aside from Appserv or XAMPP can make relations of the two?

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Uses of Appserv or XAMPP



Hello Abraham.

Appserv and XAMPP are both distributions of Apache, PHP and MySQL.  These 3 free software components are the most commonly used applications for setting up a web server.  Apache is a web server, PHP is a scripting language for creating dynamic web applications and MySQL is a database.

When developing web applications, a web developer usually needs access to a working web server with PHP and a database installed.  A web server is sometimes very difficult to setup and configure properly.  Appserv and XAMPP were created to simplify the creation and configuration of a web server.

Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYB (What You See Is What You Get) web development application.  With it, you can create web pages with the ease of being able to see the web page as you want it to appear.

You can of course set up your own web server by downloading Apache, PHP and MySQL separately and installing them on a server but that would take long especially for those with no prior experience in such setups.


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