Source code to use .NET 2003 edition?

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I am writing a program that use .NET 2003 edition, but I cannot locate the source code to start the program (screen with a selection of configuration   program or cancel). I compose it in 2006 and the original group has retired the way of all the computers for more than 3 years and the support is showing that Compact Disc (CD) is blank. Another hard disk crashed back a few years ago. Can anyone help me?

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Source code to use .NET 2003 edition?



Since your old hard disk crashed means that there is no way to recover the old data. The only thing left is to re program it.

  1. First of all, start with downloading the required components.
  2. Go to the Microsoft website and download all the .Net frameworks available.
  3. Now download or install the Visual studio from the CD to begin coding with.
  4. Make a form that looks exactly like the one that you have with you and that you need to re make.
  5. Define all the properties and variables used in it.
  6. Use the database if it is necessary.

And this time, please make sure that you save the files to a secure place like an online storage from where they cannot be misplaced.


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