USB not reading on PC

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We had this issue yesterday. We are using this USB for our office files. When I got home and try to use it on my own PC, it was unable to read USB thumb drive.

I was wondering what the problem is because we were still able to use it in our PC.

What could have happened?

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USB not reading on PC



I do understand where you are coming from. You had it working previously and now its not. The first thing that we need to check if its a USB or PC issue.

To isolate the issue, you first try to connect the USB to the other PC and if it still works then its a PC issue.

Now go to your system properties, device manager and checked if your Universal Bus Controllers doesn't have any splats, like a ?

X or !. X for disabled so you just do a right click and enable it. If its ?

Then its not properly installed so you have to reinstall it and if its an ! , then you have to update it. You need to have your driver. If this will not work still, then you can call your PC manufacturer if still under warranty. If not then the best thing that you can do is consult an expert.

Go to a local computer shop and have them check your device.

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USB not reading on PC


Set USB thumb drive has password configure and is only use for office works only. This set-up by your IT department to protect the files hidden on the USB thumb drive.

However, the possible problem here is the computer settings. Your computer might not be ready to accept 3rd party hardware installed. You may need to check the software configuration on your computer.

Go to Start, Control Panel
Click on Hardware and Sound
Select Device Manager
Look for USB bus controller and make sure there s no X or an exclamation point on each USB software.
Right click and enabled it if there is, you may also update the driver if it's possible

Another possible issue is your USB connector. Try different USB connector on your computer, in front of at the back side. When you connect the USB thumb drive, your computer is not reading it because of mis-matched USB connector. Although it matches because the USB connector is really used for USB but somehow, there might be tiny pins that is out of place. And this caused the computer is not reading the USB thumb drive.

So, the best solution is to try different slots and see if your computer detects this new hardware inserted.

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