What is the problem of my Floppy drive

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My problem is about my floppy drive i cant access any floppy disk i inserted. i check the wire inside to see if there's something wrong, but its all ok then check the floppy disk same its ok. 

Insert disk

Please insert a disk into drive A:.

i want to know what should be my primary step to solve my problem.

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What is the problem of my Floppy drive


Hi, try to check if you can get a floppy disk drive correctly and make it safe mode, if you can’t then, check if you can get your floppy disk drive in the ms-dos mode.

To do this just make a start-up disk on the other computer, then boot it with your computer, if your computer boots then your disk is detected correctly in a DOS-Mode, So there is no problem with the software or drivers.

There is no other option to troubleshoot but  your Floppy disk Drive itself: How about trying your Floppy Disk Drive to another computer and see if it works, If not then, the problem is your floppy disk drive, try to buy a new one. It’s very cheap nowadays.

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What is the problem of my Floppy drive


You should check first your floppy disk if it is readable. If a disk is damaged the floppy disk drive normally will not be able to read it and then you will receive that error on your screen. It’s as if no disk was inserted on the disk drive.

Try inserting first your floppy disk on a different computer that also has a floppy disk drive and check if your disk is accessible there.

If your disk is still accessible and readable, try cleaning your floppy disk drive using a floppy disk cleaner. It is possible that the drive’s head is dirty that’s why it can’t detect the floppy disk that is inserted.

And also make sure that the floppy disk drive’s ribbon cable is properly connected on its port. Make sure that it fits very well and it’s not kind of loose on its connection.

After cleaning the floppy drive using a disk cleaner, let it dry first for a couple of minutes. Don’t attempt to insert a disk while the drive’s head is wet, it might damage the device.

Then after a while, try inserting a floppy disk on the drive and see if it can now read the disk. If the disk is still unreadable and there’s no problem in the connections inside the CPU, I think you need to replace your floppy disk drive.

It is possible that the drive’s head is already damaged.

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