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As I failed to delete something from my computer, I installed this software to do it. It was successfully installed but whenever I use it to delete something, it displays following error:

Error Debug Privileges

Check FAQ on more details” I looked at the FAQ at the manufacturer’s website.
It says:

Undelete software error

""What are ""Error Debug Privileges""? It means that your Local Security Settings do not allow a Debug Privilege for your profile. Read Microsoft's documentation and set ""Debug Programs"" rights.""
What does it mean? I am at a loss,
Can anyone help me?

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Hi Mac your problem pertains to the local security policies setting do the following for fixing it go into the Start menu, choose Control Panel and scroll to Administrative Tools window.

Then double click Local Security Policy there expand the Local Policies folder and Click User Rights Assignment and open Policy column, double-click Debug programs for viewing current local group policy assignment in the Local Security Policy Setting dialog box option for addition of new users you have to add new users, click the Add User or Group tab and then add your Username that will be your system name that should not be the same as your main Administrator name....

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Hello, try to do this steps to solve your problem:

Start your computer then run the secpo.msc and click Ok.

From the left pane expand the Local Policies

Select the folder titled User Rights Assignments

Double click on the right hand screen the Debug Programs

Choose the button of Add User or Group

Follow then the Advance button

Select then the Find now menu

From the menu select the User LogOn Name and hit Ok.

Here is an image for more understanding:

Log off or reboot your computer before starting again. 

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Follow below procedure:
• From Start menu go to search option
• Type secpol.mac in the text box and press enter
• Click to open local security policy
• Follow the instructions there.

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Hi, I've seen this method suggested across multiple websites.

This is essentially opening a HUGE security hole, it can defeat the protection of a limited account! virus that run with an account that has debug privileges have unlimited access (debug privileges) to your computer.

If your main account is admin then you should already understand the risks. Here's a better explanation: