Cannot delete lpt1: The parameter is incorrect Ant Renamer

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I am using a software called Ant Renamer.
I have been using this software to rename the files and folders with ease and not having to go to each and every location to perform the same action.
But today I got this error message when I am trying to delete a specific folder.
I haven’t faced this error message before and am not sure what could have gone wrong.
Cannot delete lpt1: The parameter is incorrect.
I have this installed on my Windows XP SP3 machine.
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Cannot delete lpt1: The parameter is incorrect Ant Renamer


The most effective method to compose a undeletable Folder.

Now accompany these strides:

  • Click on Start.
  • Click on Run.
  • Now sort here “CMD” (without twofold cite).
  • Now you will get a charge arouse window. Now you need to choose a head in which you need to construct this envelope. Ex. In the event that you feel the need to build this envelope in D drive then sort D: and press drop in summon incite.
  • Now your cursor gotten to in D drive. Now sort here MD LPT1\ (Press drop in).
  • Now you organizer is made in d drive if u will attempt to erase or rename this organizer then it will show up a memo “Cannot erase lpt1: The parameter is mistaken”

Instructions to erase an undeletable organizer:

  • Now again head off to charge arouse.
  • Go in particular drive.
  • Then again sort here RD LPT1\ (press drop in).
  • Now check your drive this organizer is erased.
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Cannot delete lpt1: The parameter is incorrect Ant Renamer


These are some steps on creating an undeletable folder.

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Click on the start button and click on Run.
  2. Type CMD on the space.
  3. The command prompt window will appear on your screen. This time you will decide which drive you must make the folder. For example, if you want to create the folder in drive D, then should type D: and press enter.
  4. Now that you have reached drive D, you type MDLPT1\, press enter.
  5. After doing that, a folder will now be created in drive D. If you will try to deleted or rename the folder that has been created, this warning will appear “Cannot delete lpt1: The parameter is incorrect”.

Next is how to delete the folder created.:

  1. You need to open command prompt again.
  2. Go to the drive that you created the folder, in our case, drive D.
  3. Type RDLPT1\, press enter.
  4. This time you can now delete and rename the folder.

I hope this will come very useful to you.

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