Ubuntu Reinstallation issues and know-hows

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I am a regular Ubuntu OS user and I am facing a problem which I want to share with you. The problem is an error message saying

Could not update CEauthority/home/test-user/.ICEauthority’.

I used Ubuntu 9.10 before, and I have had a bitter experience from this error/message.

But then again, I attempted installing Ubuntu GNOME 3 at 11:04 Natty Narwhal but the same error occurred.

I would say that it is necessary to come up with a solution to this problem if you are planning to reinstall Ubuntu.

Please let me know what you think about this problem. And what can be done to solve it?

A screenshot of the message is attached together with my post.

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Ubuntu Reinstallation issues and know-hows


Observing from the error message that you have posted, it seems like the ubuntu updater is not able to trace the location of the program that you are trying to update. You may have moved the file to a different location by mistake from the files system where the files are supposed to be stored, and the updates too are supposed to be stored in that location when downloaded but it is missing.

If you could just manually try checking if you can find the file that is missing and return it to its location, it will much a step to see if the update will go on fine, instead of performing a clean installation of the whole operating system again which will require that you install other applications, drivers and it will be so hectic to do that.

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