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For days, I have been trying to download a compatible tun.ko module for my HTC Wildfire A3333 for use with DroidVPN here in the Philippines. Here are my phone's software details:

Phone Model: HTC Wildfire A3333
Android version: 2.2.1 (rooted to RemPuzzle ROM 2.43)
Kernel version:

ROM specs show that the tun.ko module is natively supported. Would this mean that there's no need to obtain a precompiled tun.ko module for use with DroidVPN or OpenVPN? If no, are there any other online resources to obtain the said module?

Thanks and I appreciate any form of assistance.

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They always put the option of native support even if it is not supported fully because not all the people try such things so they just mention it as a distinctive feature. Do the following steps as they are.

First of all, check the manual of the custom ROM that you have installed to see if it is actually supported or not. Go to xda developers to see if any previous user has done it with his mobile phone.

If you are able to find someone or get a success of the module then you can simply download the one you are talking about, but if you have any sort of doubt then go for the other one as it is always necessary to be the perfect one.