Samsung Galaxy S III: a real model or a fake knock-off

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Samsung has started its promotional release of its newest smartphone,  the Samsung Galaxy S III.

I come from the Philippines and there are some mobile networks in the country that have a promotional package for the new smartphone. It is not new to my country to have fake knock-off versions of gadgets.

Are there any markings or details that i should look out for when purchasing the new Galaxy S III?

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Samsung Galaxy S III: a real model or a fake knock-off


What a Galaxy S III is? The early judgment of most of the people says that it is an overwhelming experience of a smart phone. It has FLIPBOARD ANDROID APPARATUS that includes new advancements like S Beam, S Memo, S Planner, S Voice, Smart Stay, Direct Call, and even a limited-term exclusive of the Flip board Android app

.In addition to that it has memory of 50GB It is very well built device light weight and easy to handle. It has 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen, so it’s fitting that Samsung has sought to minimize the amount of metallic material.  The Galaxy S III is a step behind the cutting edge of Samsung’s research — most likely because a AMOLED Plus display of this size and resolution is not yet feasible — leaving it with a 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 Pentile AMOLED display.

. The Galaxy S II set a high bar for smartphone camera performance, but the Galaxy S III has beaten it. Image quality on this phone is simply excellent. Full-resolution pictures look sharp and detailed, and you can crop  on areas of interest, unlike the HTC One X, which can furnish you with some neat results, but never at the full 8-megapixel resolution. This is also an undeniable fact that Galaxy S III can achieve that feat means it has a higher usable resolution than the One X — and pretty much than any other smartphone on the market Samsung has included. The front facing camera having 1.9-megapixel  supports the rear-facing shooter admirably, producing better than average image quality for its class. The result you will get from this camera is not only good but as compared to its own family it is outclass.

It has a new feature of  face detection, however, its performance is hilariously inconsistent With judicious use. And the most important of all the battery timings, you could probably go a full 24 hours between recharging this phone — not terribly impressive to someone coming from a feature phone, but very reasonable given the size of the display and the amount of power the Galaxy S III offers. In brevity,it has much inspiring features but not compatible with the upcoming future devices as an android aor HTC device.

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