Trouble to shut down my computer

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When I'm trying to shutdown my computer  that give me a blue screen and that says "memory dump" and computer automatically being restarted. I'm trying to fix that by installing windows again, but the problem is still there.

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Trouble to shut down my computer


Hey Pasimal,

You may have a problem with your physical memory. I know this happens when the physical memory is sometimes loose or defective. tell me , if it happens when your running applications or just in the desktop when it crashes? I think what you get is this.

*** STOP: 0x0000000A (0x5E890080, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x8069D86C)

Isn't it?

If it is, please do the following

1. Shut down your computer and plug off.

2. Open up your CPU.

3. See if the memory sticks are properly pushed in the slots.

If that does not satisfy the problem and still the blue screen appears i think you have to buy new sticks of ram . Even take some from a friends PC and test it out & see if u get the same problems . This is a very common problem & 95% of the time it is a memory issue.

Also open up PC and see if it needs a clean inside and don't forget to check the graphics card.

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Trouble to shut down my computer


This problem is due to the physical memory problem and it is causing the error in memory leak. You can set it by checking any new hardware you configured earlier to your computer. Or you have install any software which is causing the problem.

If there is a memory leak error then you can check all hardware of your PC and then configure it. If the problem is due to some software you can remove that software.

But I will also tell you another way solve this problem to implement it go to notepad and type this line there.

C:windowssystem32shutdown -s -f -t 00 when done save it as a name of .bat file such that you can save it as shutdown.bat and save it where you can access it easily, you can save it on desktop or any where and now when ever you want to shutdown just double click it and your pc will be shutdown.

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Trouble to shut down my computer


It seems that the problem you are encountering is due to your RAM drive. Try to remove the memory on its slot and then clean the edges with an eraser. Softly rub it with the eraser and then put the memory back to its slot tightly.

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Trouble to shut down my computer



The problem can be caused by two possible problems i.e the hardware and software of your PC. Go this page to get more information according to this issue. 

How to Fix Blue Screen Memory Dump Issue?


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