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Hi! Computer savvy's,

I have an issue here that I post, this is regarding my experience when I am installing online BitDefender, the error message is pointing on my internet connection.

There was a problem with downloading one of the installation files.
Please check your connection and try again later.

As I am analyzing on the error, I get its message, it needs for me to check my internet connection because it can't get one of the installation file via the internet, when I checked on my internet connection, it is up and running, since I can browse the internet, I checked on my firewall, there is no restriction, for me I already checked all aspects, please share some ideas on what things that I might left behind in checking,

Thanks a lot.

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An Internet connection that is up and running is probably due to computer overload. It means that your computer maybe working on too many tasks at a time and is having a hard time in allotting sufficient doling out power to the program. With all of these, especially if you’re using large programs or even opening internet browser with multiple tabs, your computer resources was drained. To avoid the error from happening, maintain your computer's resource utilization to a temperate level. To do this, you can verify your computer's recent resource utilization by sequentially pressing the following buttons:

"Ctrl+Alt+Del", "Task Manager" and “Performance”.

Make sure that the "CPU Usage" and "Memory" be in the core range. Otherwise, you must close some programs or Internet tabs. Nevertheless, if BitDefender keeps on giving the error messages, even after have remedied the problem, you may still have a problem with your system. The last option to do is to download the BitDefender program from their website, uninstall your current and then re-install the program.

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Hello Thomasredmall,

Your internet may be up and running, but it maybe too slow for it to be able to download the online bitdefender and install it on your computer. If you are downloading and at the same time browsing using many tabs then you could be consuming a lot of bandwidth, and therefore I will advice that you close other tabs and any other downloads that may be going on so as to allocate more bandwidth for the online download.

Otherwise you may have to consider to download the bitdefender antivirus setup and then just manually run the installation on the computer.

Clair Charles