Monitor System Up time in Windows.

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When I'm trying to monitor the Uptime of my System, I run ( Windows 2003 + AVG 2012 fully updated ) wouldn't let me run or extract said harmful, Maybe infected with a virus.?? Any ideas.?

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Monitor System Up time in Windows.



Hi Ruse James,
There are a lot of ways for finding out the Uptime of a windows based system. Below are some of them.
Method 1:
Open Command Prompt and enter the command "net statistics server" or "net stats srv" and press "Enter" key. The line that starts with "Statistics since" provides the time from which the system was up.
Method 2:
Using "Uptime.exe" Tool (Windows NT 4.0 SP4 or Higher needed)
Method 3:
Using Windows Task Manager
In Windows Task manager, under Performance tab, "Up time" is mentioned.
Method 4:
Using SystemInfo Utility
Open command prompt and enter the below command.
systeminfo | find "System Boot Time:"
Method 5:
Using NET Statistics Utility
Open command prompt and enter the below command
net statistics workstation
In your case, may be you tried the Uptime utility and it may got infected with virus. You can try any of the above mentioned methods.
Hope it helps.

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