There is a problem with dead rising 2 ppc lan.

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Hi to everyone,

There is a problem with dead rising 2 ppc lan. I don’t know how to set up local area network for dead rising 2 game in my computer desktop with windows xp operating system. I want to play with my friend and connect his laptop to my computer to play in lan? Give me some step by step instruction for the setup, it will help me a lot.

Thank you.

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There is a problem with dead rising 2 ppc lan.


Hi Ericson,

To set up a lan connection on your desktop windows (xp operating system) to connect to your friend's laptop, You need to do the following steps:

1)  Make sure the both the laptop and the pc have lan drivers installed in them from their respective motherboard cds.

2)  Connect both your pc and your laptop through the lan cables through your router or hub.

3)  Go to start >>> Control Panel >>> Network Connections. You will find an icon by the name Local Area Connection. Right click this icon and go to properties.


*You need to perform the following steps on both your pc and your friend's laptop.


4)  Under the "this connection uses the follow items" statement, select Internet protocol(TCP/IP).

(incase your friend's laptop is running windows 7, there should be Internet protocol(TCP/IPv6) & (TCP/IPv4), select (TCP/IPv4) from the list).

5)  Press properties tab under the list, and select "use the following ip address". 

        For Desktop:

                  ip address :

                  subnet mask:



        For Laptop:

                  ip address:

                  subnet mask:

                  gateway:          (gateway should be same for both)


6)  Press ok or apply settings. (You might need a restart after that)

And thats pretty much it. You should be connected to your friend's pc through a lan connection now. All you need to do is start the games and create a local multiplayer session.

Happy Gaming 🙂


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