Is there a Gps Tracking for your kids iphone?

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I owned 4 iPhones (2 iPhone 3GS and 2 iPhone 4). I am looking for a best app for tracking my other iPhones. I heard that AT&T has this feature which cost $5 a month. But I am looking for a free and better app. My kids are using my other iPhones and I am looking for an app that can track their locations. I need suggestions. Thanks.


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Is there a Gps Tracking for your kids iphone?


Below are some of the GPS tracker programs:

  1. GPS Tracker (Free) allows you to follow family or friends.  This app uses your phone’s GPS tracker to follow other people.  Features include: Locating other iPhone users and view their movements during the past 12 hours; Permissions will let you allow or deny other iPhone users from following you; Follow your child/rens movements during the day; Find lost/stolen phones.


  1. Trick or Tracker ($4.99) can be used by up to 7 family members at the same time.  The app must be downloaded on both member’s phones.  Features: Text messages can be sent when a child travels out of an agreed area; it has a feature that allows a parent to be pinged when a child arrives home; text messages can be sent every 15 minutes notifying you of your child/rens whereabouts


  1. Find My Friends (Free) – This app allows you to easily locate friends and family.  Features: Simple privacy ensures safety with this app; Temporarily share locations; Parental restrictions which gives parental control over child/rens actions.
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Is there a Gps Tracking for your kids iphone?



GPS Phone Tracker is one of the best IPhone-tracking application that you can download in Google Store. This will enable you to track at least 2-3 IPhones. You can track you kids, family members, friends, employees and also for our security.

You need to have a full-charged battery to make it work perfectly. Also to avoid the application being closed automatically. You can also find direction with this app. It will also require proper time to “replenish” or update the location of the phone that you’re currently tracking. The file size for you to download this app in to your smart phone is 9.3 mb. The best thing about this application is that it’s for free.

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