IPhone 5 goes see through

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I've seen in the news that Apple came up with their new design of their up coming iPhone 5. Visually, it looks very cool but still I have some queries such as;

1. will the design really came out as transparent?

2. how durable it is?

3. will it have other color?

4. how good will be the specks of the phone?

5. is it user friendly?

6. how long will the unit last for a standard user?

7. when will it be available to Philippines?

8. how much will be the price?


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IPhone 5 goes see through


Hello Dang_salazar, 

This concept has not been cleared for this up coming release. The big question is will this idea work? And how good of an idea is it? The iPhone 5 transparent does look cool. The screen is transparent so you are looking straight through it. If using the camera you will be able to view the subject as if your looking at it with your very own eyes. It has a feature that once you place in down on a surface the shadow of a keyboard will appear below the device.

It has a question if it would be good for apps or gaming. Maybe they will work out the bugs, and we will see this concept some time in the future.

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IPhone 5 goes see through


Hi, Dang! Indeed, a question like yours is a hot is a hot issue across oceans. I have dealt a lot of questions here at TechyV.com about smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras and many more gadgets. This shows that competitions from companies are getting hotter and hotter every single month.

I’ll start answering your question #1 first. One thing is for sure – it is mouth watering! If you searched the internet, you will find a lot of pictures of iPhone 5 which is transparent.

Is it durable? Yes, it is! Apple or any company did not make any gadget that can be easily damaged. The phone’s life highly depends on the users’ way of using it.

Will it have other color? Yes, it does have two colors actually (black and white). But the display or the screen is transparent.

How good will be its specs? If you read articles, you’ll see that it is better than their previous products’ of course. In this way, they could attract consumers to buy their product.

Is it user friendly? Yes, it is. Articles said that Apple’s product is user-friendly in general. However, this depends on the knowledge of the user on how to efficiently use the device.

How long will it last? As I have said, it depends on the user. If the user is careless, then the phone will be destroyed easily. If the user is careful enough, then it will last for approximately 3 or more years.

When will it be available and how much will it be? Well, articles and bloggers online said that it will be released in September. Regarding its price, nobody still knows how much it will cost. However, experts said for a phone like iPhone 5, expect that it will be costly.

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