Comparison between Android and iPhone

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Hello! I am thinking of buying a new smartphone very soon. I have been using iPhone 4 for past one year and it was a good experience. I am not sure if I should stick with iPhone or should I buy an android phone? People say you can do a lot of stuff on android which is not possible on iPhone so what is the best option for me? Will it be a better experience to shift from iPhone to android?

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Comparison between Android and iPhone


These are just some of the noticeable difference between the Android and an iPhone handsets

The main difference is the numerous options that are available with Android. Because there are so many different choices, this can bring the price of the Android handset down.  The problem with this is the fact that there are so many choices, a person might not know which handset to choose.  With iPhone, there is only one choice.

Batteries in the iPhone are fixed which means there is no choice of swapping it out.  Android handsets offer battery saving Apps and most handsets let you have the option of carrying a spare battery, which can be swapped out with a flat battery.

Android and iPhone both have touch interfaces, which means you can swipe, tap and pinch-and-zoom on the screen.  The operating systems on both handsets boot to a home screen – iPhone’s home screen shows rows of App icons and allows users to pin the most frequently used Apps. Android permits Widgets to be used.  These Widgets display auto-updating information, like weather, email, messages etc.

Both have a status bar showing time, signal strength, battery life remaining that is shown on the top of the screen. Android’s status bar also shows additional information like new emails and messages received, reminders, meetings etc.

A report published by Crittercism Mobile Experience, reported the following findings on the difference between the Operating Systems on the Android and iPhone.  Android’s Operating System, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a total crash rate of 1.7%.  The other types of Android, namely Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat, have a crash rate of 0.7%. iPhones Operating System, iOs 7, has a crash rate of 1.6%, iOs 1.0 has a crash rate of 2.1% and iOs 5 has a crash rate of 2.5%.

At times, Android updates aren’t automatically received on phones.  Different phone manufacturers decide when and if they will offer these updates, and sometimes these updates aren’t readily available to all the models of phone or tablet.  iPhone’s updates are normally readily available to all phones and tablets, except for devices older than three years.

Android users can send a variety of self-composed text messages as autoreplies when a call is being declined. GTalk allows Android users to log on and send instant messages. Video chat can be done through Google Hangouts which allows users to chat either via 3G or Wi-Fi.

iPhone has the capability of sending canned text messages without answering the call, and can even set a callback prompt. iPhone users have iMessage, but this only allows users to message others who have an iPhone. Additional applications like GTalk and Skype can be downloaded. Video chat is done through Facetime, but this only allows users to chat to other iPhone users.

Web browsing is done via Google Chrome on Android, while iPhone uses Safari as the primary web browser, however Google Chrome can also be used on the iPhone.

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Comparison between Android and iPhone


Although there are much more things you can do with an android phone, most of the users will not try to do it. You may found that there is not much change in experience if you use your phone for whatsapp, twitter, facebook, checking emails etc. as the apps are quite similar. You might feel a little bit annoying when changing from iPhone to Android since you do not familiar with the new OS system. 

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