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What are the steps that I need to follow to  sync my workplace Microsoft Outlook application with my home-based application?

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The key element in keeping Outlook in sync on two machines is the .PST file. It contains everything. If you want your home Outlook the same as your work Outlook, make a copy of the.

PST file at work (make sure Outlook is closed when you do this), take that copy home with you, put it a folder where it won't overwrite your existing .PST file, then open it with Outlook using 'File|Open|Outlook Data File'.  You now have two options:

  1. Drag and drop anything you like from the Work .PST to the Home .PST to make them the same or,
  2. Set this new .PST file as default and just continue to use it.

There are a number of third party tools that will do the syncing, as you see from the link I sent, but most cost money.

hope it will be helpful

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The best way to synchronize your Microsoft Office Outlook in different computers is to upload its “.pst” file and make it available in the cloud. This way you only need to update it from the main computer and just download it on the computer you wished to synchronize it with.

In your case, since you want to synchronize your home computer with your office PC, you only need to save the “.pst” file of your Microsoft Office Outlook in your office computer and then upload it in the cloud storage and make it accessible there.

When you get home simply download that file from the cloud storage and then save it in your Microsoft Office Outlook folder to synchronize it.

So now every time you want to do synchronizations between your computers simply update the “.pst” file in the cloud storage with your office computer. Or you may also use a USB flash drive to update your home computer.

Sharath Reddy