SharePoint administrative framework occurred with Windows Vista

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I am using Windows Vista and I have never had a problem with this system until now. Yesterday when I tried to open my computer the following message appeared and I don’t understand the reason for which this message appeared.

Is there anyone that can tell me what happened? Is it possible that I had to update some applications before I shut down the computer?



An object in the SharePoint administrative framework, “SPManagedAccount


1124”, could not be deleted because other objects depend on it. Update all

of these dependants to point to null or different objects and retry this

operation. The dependant objects are as follows:

SPIisWebserviceApplicationPool name=secure store service

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Correlation ID: bde0676d-d5d9-48ff-b1ad-1bee6cb2c0e2

Date and Time: 7/26/2010  11:22:20 AM

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SharePoint administrative framework occurred with Windows Vista

It seems to me that you were trying to remove a managed account or service account in SharePoint Central Administration, which caused the error you described. Here are some possible solution. Try running this script:
If the above didn't work, you may try:
Remove-SPServiceApplicationPool (name of the application tool)

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