How to insert number as number in excel

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hello, I have a problem use excel 2003.

when i type a number e.g 3/4, it typed as a date in cell.

what step should do to solve my problem,


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How to insert number as number in excel



Nevertheless, MS Excel provides a tremendous range of functions available to make our spreadsheets more readable for showing various types of data. The problem you are facing is not actually a problem rather it is a functionality of Excel that we can project our data in various forms. Fractions like 33/4 are generally treated as dates however, if you want it to be shown just as you typed you must follow this procedure.

Select the cell you want to format as required.

Select Format menu select font then select numbers here you can select various data forms like general, data, time, currency and even text.

Select Text as your required format.

Now the data will be treated as text and will be displayed just as it is typed.

Hope it helps.


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How to insert number as number in excel


Hi Valentino,

The moment you type any number such as 2/3 in a cell, normally excel will convert it into a date. So if you really want to type a fraction in excel spreadsheet;

First select the cell or a number of cells you need to format.

Go to the format menu and click on cells.

In the category list on the number tab click on fraction.

Then click the fraction format to apply from the type list.

After that, any numbers you type in that cell, will be displayed as fractions.


In case you not going to do calculations, you can format the cell as text, after you do this, any fraction you type in such a cell will not be converted to decimals or date. to do this, in the format menu click on cells command and then number type.

The above ways will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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