Software that can add AM/FM Radio feature on my computer

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I was thinking if it is possible to put up an FM-AM radio on computer laptop and personal computer? 

It's a package deal right? 

The computer has its own Audio device so I think it's possible to install into the computers. Maybe you guys know about this issue and maybe you have an idea.

Just for a change, in computers it has already software installed regarding to audio device so maybe it can have FM-AM Radio frequency. If that software already out in the market?

Then maybe we can apply that one and try it to our computers.

Post your ideas here.

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Software that can add AM/FM Radio feature on my computer


Transmit Audio Coming from Computer

Your computer is equipped with multimedia devices. But this devices needs software or applications, which are able to play multimedia files like music and videos. You can also have your music devices installed in your computer, like mixing devices, drum set, guitar, keyboards and even Auto DJ playing device. All you need to do is, purchase that software or find free software available on the internet.

We have already available video output in hardware as well as audio output, where you can plug your multimedia speakers or hook your computer to your audio components or sound systems.

The question is, how do we transmit our audio output via FM frequency? What we need is to add a device, which is able to transmit to FM frequency, or what we called the transmitter. Does this means we will set-up a tower and purchase transmitter devices to transmit our audio output? No, because setting up large antenna and transmitter requires permit from NTC or the National Telecommunications Commission or the Bureau of Telecommunications or whatever they call it in your area.

One more reason is you need thousands of bucks for buying transmitter equipment and paying technicians to install the device. Of course you need to also pay for the surveyor, so that the location of your transmitter will be set-up on the best place in your area.

Have you heard about the FM Transmitter for iPod? Yes, that device already exists today. You may purchase yours if you don’t have one, on eBay. But that is not what we need, to be integrated in our personal computer. You can purchase that kind of device which is compatible with desktop computers. But it is indisputable experience if we build our own circuit board for our transmitter device.

You may find a FM Transmitter PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout on the internet. Just search on Google. I have also one favorite site, where you can find a lot of electronic devices, where you can integrate in your desktop computer. What I am talking about is the “Electronic Zone”. Here’s the page where FM Transmitter circuit project is posted on Electronic Zone: Instructions, materials and Printed Circuit Board layout where also available on that page. You must have a little knowledge on PCB Itching and Soldering Techniques. 

You may find PCB itching and soldering techniques on the internet just search on Google. You don’t need to study what functions or rules of the transistor, resistor, capacitor and others on the circuit board. All you need to do is follow the instructions and be familiarize with polarities and pin assignment of each semi conductors (electronic device such as resistor, transistor, capacitor, diodes etc).

Purchase all semiconductors and devices needed. Just go to your nearest electronic shop in your area and give them the listing of all components you need. Or you can purchase it on internet like eBay store.

If you are afraid to construct the circuit board, better let the electronic technician to do the job. Or find a friend who has the electronic knowledge.

After constructing the device, just connect it into your computer. Put an audio jack on the audio input of the FM Transmitter and plug it in your computer’s audio output plug. Warning: do it in your own risk. I have no responsibilities if this process affects your computer. Better to test in your old audio player. 

After connecting, grab a FM radio receiver then turn your knob to search for the frequency where your transmitter is transmitting on. You may also adjust the frequency on your transmitter to find a clear channel to transmit on. You may interrupt or jam your neighbors FM radio, if the transmitter transmit signals where your neighbor is tuning in. So you must be careful about it. Your neighbor may be bring in jail jamming their FM Radio device.

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Software that can add AM/FM Radio feature on my computer


Dear Graham, as I know the radio is a device, which works on frequency like in easy words it is a channel and that channel requires special instruments to receive through a medium. Our PC is not built for that purpose; they are built for complex tasks not to do these simple jobs.

But if some one wants to listen to some radio, that option is also available. But that requires, an Internet connection with better speed and this technique uses live streaming to do that. Although, it is not a frequency, it is just like some data coming from the telephone line or through any medium.

So I hope you enjoy reading this one. Hope you will like this.

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