Samsung CD-ROM Loud noise problem

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Hi Experts,

I have a Samsung CD rom drive.

I used to play cd’s on that drive but starting last week up to present, it won’t play any CD.

Worst, there’s a loud noise on my drive.

Sometimes it ejects on his own.

I can see the CD is still turning when it ejects.

Please help.

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Samsung CD-ROM Loud noise problem


Hi Jean,

If your having a problems with your CD/DVD due to loud noise
Adjust the settings of your CD/DVD drives on the BIOS, during your first boot and press "DELETE".
This are the 3 settings:
Silent – quite, slow rotation, read and write slower
Normal – normal noise, normal rotation, read and write normal 
High – noisy, fast rotation, read and right fast
Choose silent if you want to read it slow and silent. 
I also have the issues on CD-ROM which ejects automatically without prior notice.
I suggest to return the unit to the manufacturer for replacement if it is under warranty.
Always remember that the company only guarantee 99% quality on it's product, there are still 1% product defect on there product.
DOWNLOAD CD Eject tools program, this is 3rd party program that could manage your CD/DVD. 
Operating Systems bug or viruses can also causes this kind of error, in order you to not reinstall your Operating System download CD Eject tools software.
If this problem can't be fixed, reinstall you operating system is the only way.
Tony Stevenson
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Samsung CD-ROM Loud noise problem


That probably because the DVD drive cable has some problems. You will need to open the DVD drive and the bottom side of it you will see a cable that connects the DVD drive to the motherboard.

In case that cable is hanging loose, then it means that it not connected properly to the motherboard and therefore you will need to fix it.

To fix the cable, you will need to open the DVD drive, and that you will need to be careful when doing that. I will even suggest that you take the computer to a computer repair shop for it to be fixed because any damage to the cable will mean that you replace the whole DVD drive, and that will be more expensive.

If the cable has been spoilt, then you will need to obtain another one and replace it.

Thompson Locker


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Samsung CD-ROM Loud noise problem


Maybe your CD rom lens is not properly read or your CD is damage, and if your CD rom is under warranty and to store you buy try to replace a brand new CD rom.

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