Random Hardware Failure on my PC

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Hi There!

I use a desktop computer in my office and home. But sometimes a message arrives and says, “hardware failure”.

Following message shows often.

OS Loader V4.00

Boot record signature AA55 not found (0000 found )

Windows NT could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem.

Could not read the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.

Please check the Windows NT(TM) documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.

Sometimes, when I play songs then suddenly this type of messages appears and notices me saying that “error or hardware failure”.

Why does it occur?

Please give me a solution here.

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Random Hardware Failure on my PC


Hi I think your problem make yourself upset Please don’t worry


Sometimes a computer continues to function in many areas while one component has intermittent or even permanent failure . As there are several components within in modern computer server and attached to it this can take a little while to diagnose accurately . We keep it good stock of such hardware on hand , including ready built server we can use as replacements when needed .

Possible hardware are included :

1. A "Dead" misfunctioning video interface

2."Dead" or misfuctioning network interface

3."Dead" or misfunctioning motherboard or processor

4."Dead" or misfunctioning RAID controller

5."Dead" or misfunctioning memory

Regards Paul

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Random Hardware Failure on my PC


Based on the screen shoot you have pasted, it is more likely you have the problem in your system. If it says hardware failure it means you have the problem in your hardware. Since that the affected area is your operating system, 99.9% the source of error is within your hard disk drive. It might be the operating system or the physical sectors of your hard disk drive.

Better to check for the health of your hard disk drive. Run scan disk or check disk to check the health of your hard disk drive. If bad sectors or clusters where found, scan disk may fixed this issue bat it is temporary measures only.

Try also to reinstall a clean operating system.

You might have corrupted drivers and files that leads to errors.

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Random Hardware Failure on my PC


Hi there,

The problem that you stated above is a sign that your OS is corrupt.

In order to solute the problem.


This failure notice estated that the exe is the one that caused corruption.

.exe is a very important task in the system because its the one that  extend the files from running its sytem.One's its corrupted it will automatically disable all the operation in the system.

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