Slow system performance and boot issue

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The boot process of this machine was just super slow and immediately after opening windows you could get advertisements, pops up balloons, and many other logos of various programs. Note that this before you clicked on absolutely nothing! We also had many error prompts on the screen. The computer functionalism went low and got worse because it took more than half a minute for windows explorer to start. This is after the computer had been fully rebooted. Applications such as excel also took almost 60 seconds to open. It was really slow. What do I do?

Application Error

Exception in module ct.exe at 000847A9. Unable to start performance monitoring. OK

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Slow system performance and boot issue


I will suggest that you check the space of your hard drive and see if it as before. If it has reduced, then you could be a having a virus on your computer, and possibly recycler, which is replicating itself in the folders on the primary hard drive and therefore taking up a lot of space.

Note that if a lot of space is taken up on the primary hard drive then the memory space will be so low and thus making the execution of the application you have installed on your computer to be so slow, a situation that you are having right now.

Do the following:

  • Scan the whole system using the antivirus you have installed on your computer, and ensure that the antivirus is up to date.
  • Check the folders on the primary hard drive. If there is a recycler virus that is replicating itself then be sure to scan the computer and remove them.


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Slow system performance and boot issue


If you are seeing some sort of advertisements and balloons after startup, your computer might be infected with virus. You will need to run your antivirus program. Ensure that you will run an updated one. It is very unusual to see advertisements except when your computer is affected with rogue antivirus. These viruses comes from either one of the software that you accidentally downloaded or from one of the email attachments that you opened. Or maybe you accidentally clicked on some ads that contains viruses.

So try to perform a full scan immediately.

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