Set up Exchange server 2003 in Windows server 2003 enterprise edition

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I am having a hard time setting up my Exchange server 2003 in the Windows server 2003 enterprise edition machine. 

Does anyone know how to connect the exchange 2003 server to the web mail server because it seems I am getting nowhere near achieving this?

I would appreciate some help.

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Set up Exchange server 2003 in Windows server 2003 enterprise edition


Please follow these steps:

  • First of all open Exchange System Manager (ESM)
  • Right click the organization object
  • Now select Internet Mail Wizard.


  • Start the Wizard


  • Select the Server in the Exchange organization for internet mail delivery.


  • Click next to check if server has multiple network interfaces. (If this is true the wizard displays a message with more details what to do.)


  • Now choose how to Receive and/or to Send internet e-mail.


  • Configure E-Mail domains for incoming E-Mails.


  • Now select the virtual SMTP Server as a Bridgehead Server for outbound E-Mail.


  • Now select the Open Relay Configuration. The Default is “Disable open relay” I recommend to disable open relay, because an open relay opens your e-mail Server for Spammer and so on.


  • Select the way how to send E-Mail to the internet. The preferred way is to send E-Mail through DNS. (You’ll have to configure internal DNS Server to forward E-Mail to the internet or to specify the name or IP address of a smart host)


  • Now configure the Exchange Server to send e-mail to all Internet e-mail domains or to only selected e-mail domains.


  • Review the summary of wizard. If you want to  make changes click “Back” and modify the configuration.


  • You have successfully configured the Internet Mail Wizard.


Hope This Helps!

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