Registration Key Error has occurred

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I am getting below error message in Uniden DMA Scanners and it shows a Registration Key error. Can you provide me the best way to update the firmware with the key? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Registration Key Error


Registration Key Error !!

Please input correct Registration Key again.

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Registration Key Error has occurred


Hello Sidney J Skiba,

Before you go ahead and update your Uniden DMA Scanner's firmware, there are some simple rules you need to remember:

1. Do not skip any of the steps! No matter how complicated they seem to be, it's very important that you go through the whole process.

2. Make sure you're using the AC adapter when updating firmware as low voltages may cause problems and corrupt the process. Fully charged batteries would work as well, but AC is always best.

The update process could slightly differ depending on your model, but it's the same for the most part.

1. If you have previously installed the firmware update tool (BC_VUP), get rid of the old install files. They are usually located in a BCSS directory.

2. Download the latest version of the firmware update tool and run the installation.

3. Once installed, run the firmware update tool, select your model and follow the on-screen instructions.

Good luck!



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Registration Key Error has occurred


I don’t think there is a problem with the updater because that error is not related to the updater itself. The problem there is with the registration code you provided the program. Since that is only an update program, the registration key it requires was the one from the original software you bought. Run the update program again then enter the registration code from the original application.

Enter the key exactly as it appears. If the letter or character is in upper case, enter the character in upper case. No single character must be wrong when entering the registration key to the firmware update loader program.

On the other hand, if the registration key from the original software doesn’t work or is not accepted in the update program, one possible reason is that you need to buy a new registration code for the update program.

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