Record my voice with some background music playing?

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Hello, what do I need so that I can record my voice with some background music playing?

I also want to know how I can burn the recordings on an empty cd.

Do I need software, and which one is it for that matter?

Thanks for your help.

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Record my voice with some background music playing?



Hi C Santos,

A good software for mixing vocals with music is Acoustica MixCraft.

It gives you the option to mix different levels of audio on different set ups. You can also record your voice in it with the music playing to synchronize them both.

Furthermore you can add different loops and beats to the music to enhance it or you can create a completely new music using the huge library of beats available.

I have personally used it and have been very satisfied with its performance. It has many customizable options including setting the volume of different tracks while playing them at the same time, so if you find the music to be louder and suppressing your vocals you can lower their volume to match them perfectly.

Once you save the file in an mp3 or wav format, To Burn the tracks onto your cd you will need a CD Writer drive. If you have it already, Windows xp gives you the option to

  • Insert a Writeable CD into the CD Writer drive.
  • Drag the files you want to burn, to the CD Rom Drive (or simply copy and paste them into the drive)
  • They should be listed under the "Files ready to be Written to the CD" header.
  • Once you are ready to write the files onto the drive, simple select Write to CD
  • The CD Writing Wizard will start, follow the instructions
  • The Wizard gives you the option to set the quality of the files
  • After writing the files, the Wizard also gives you the option to Write more CD's like the one you just created. if you want to make multiple copies use that option.
  • Once Wizard is done writing the files you can remove the CD, also make sure the CD drive is empty and all the temporary files are removed by deleting them.

If you want an alternative software, you can use Nero CD Burner to write the files to CD.

Hope this helps


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Record my voice with some background music playing?


1. Yes, there is a lot of software that does this. My favorite is Adobe Audition, which is standard industry and requires a lot of skill to use. The simple softwares are Mix Pad, Audio Mixing, etc. You can do a Google search for audio mixing software.

2. You can burn your music to an empty cd by first putting an empty cd in the cd writer, you should have a cd writer not just a cd rom, then copy your music files, and go to the cd rom icon and open it. It will open an empty folder, paste everything there and choose "burn from file", wait for 20 minutes and you will be done. Thanks.

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Record my voice with some background music playing?


Here’s some tip how to record your voice with the background music.

Ok record a simple narration with some background music you have to cut first the narration to fit the music and lower the volume of the music during the narration and finally mix and export the final product. To record the narration your microphone is going to be a relation to everything else in the room. And supposedly you have to be in the place where there no one can be part of your recording it’s better to be alone or in the room where is sound proof so that it picks up a minimum of the computer noise.

When you starting to make a record make sure that your mouth is in to the microphone but don’t point your mount or  cohere into the mike so that it is level with your mouth but a little of the sides also works. if you are now at rating to make a voice record don’t worry about mistake ,pauses, coughs and similar you can edit those out later .

For burning music file in to the CD

ok there are two types of CD that you can create with CD Burning program. Mostly there are using media payer software that can burn CDs. You can use Windows Media Player built into Windows or iTunes built into Mac .you can choose is the two programs. Once you have the program you only have to do is drag the file you want to burn from the location you exported them into a playlist then ready for burning..

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