Got an error while using QuickBooks

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I was using QuickBooks when I got this error message (see screenshot below). 

You see, we have several copies in different computers of our data file. 

I went to their forum but I couldn’t click on the solution. 

Anyway, I went to this forum hoping that someone can provide me a step by step procedure on how to resolve the issue. 

Can anyone, please?



Error -6000,-80

An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file.


1. Go to QuickBooks Support.

2. Search for “-600,-80”.

3. Follow the steps in the article for error -6000,-80.

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Got an error while using QuickBooks


Nolia, This error referring to your particular environment is due to the reason that several computers are acting hosts for the data files, as you mentioned that “we have several copies in different computers of our data file”.

1. First of all download a tool called” diagnostic tool” from this site

2. Install this tool, and then double click the icon, on the open menu, click on browse and navigate to the company file. (Files with *.qbw) extension.

1. Now click the diagnose/repair

2. On the prompt click on “I am QuickBooks Customer, running tool independently”

3. When asked, provide the user name and password, and if there is NO user name assigned simply write Admin and leave password column blank

4. Click on log in and the tool will check and repair

5. If you find No error, than run the connection diagnostic tool available on this site. Instructions as how to use the tools are also present in the same URL. If you see file open successful, then the connections are Ok, then I suggest that you contact INTUIT, and do not try to restore or manually try to repair the errors. .


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Got an error while using QuickBooks


Hi Nolia,

To resolve your problem regarding the error you've encountered while using QuickBooks, I got this solution from Intruit QuickBooks support and here's how they fix it:

  • Before resolving your issues, you must remember that your computer must use the same company with the same kind of QuickBooks release on different workstation.   How to check the kind of Quickbook release?  open the application (Quickbooks) and hit the F2 key.   You will find in the upper left corner of the product Information Window the date of  the release.
  1. Must update (Quickbooks) to the latest release on the sever.  
  2. On all your of  your computer, you must turn it ffo all that do not host  your company file.
  3. Let  enable all the hosts of the company file and multi-user access on the computer.
  4. You have to make sure that the version of your Quickbooks( QBDataServiceUser) has the full permissions to the folder in which the company file is save.
  • If error still persists, you have to make sure that you configured correctly the multi user.  Also try to check if the Quickbook installation on your computer was damaged.  Then you must repair it.
  • Try opening again your company file, if it opens smoothly then the problem is resolved.
Hope this might help you.

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