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Hi friends,  

Could you recommend a secondary virus scanner?  I am already using Microsoft Security Essentials for active system monitoring.  I'm just looking for a file scanner not a program that will run active checks.

Thanks in advance!

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  You don't need a secondary scanner first because when you have a secondary scanner the primary scanner will be active on take care of scanning. So keep one best virus scanner that I enough.

Thank You

Ellilou Paris

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Hi Hunter!

If you are looking for a software that can become a good backup to your Microsoft Security Essentials, you can use Spybot Search & Destroy. It is an anti-spyware that deep scans your computer with existing spyware, adware and worms that your Security Essentials may overlook. Additionally, it has a immunization option that blocks all known spyware and adware sites in its database. 

It can be downloaded from

I hope this helps! Thanks!