Computer is running too slow, how will I fix it?

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Computer is running too slow, how will I fix it?

When I opened my computer now I noticed that it runs so slow and I don't know what happen.

The last time I used it was okay and running fast. I checked the hardware inside the CPU but I think there is no problem and okay. I check the hard drive if how much free space and it has 20 GB free space. I'm really curious why computer running too slow.

Can someone knows this kind of problem? And how will I fix it?

Please help me.

Thank you very much!

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Computer is running too slow, how will I fix it?


Hello Cayle!

This is a common problem with many computers. Sudden change in computer speed can result for various reasons. I will state some of the causes and solutions to your problem. Here are a few steps you may try to fix the problem.

Each of these solutions may be used in any order.

Your computer may have picked up viruses from the internet such as Trojans, Spyware, and Adware.

  • These are all nasty programs that can literally take over your computer, so they can run their programs. You definitely don't want any of this junk on your computer. To get rid of these parasite programs, and to prevent them from installing in the first place, you need and up-to-date firewall, anti-virus, and spyware removal programs. 
  • These are three separate software programs that must be running at all times except for when you are not plugged into the Internet. It is very important that these programs continuously update themselves or they will become out-dated and will no longer be useful (It is important to keep updating your anti-virus software. Due to the wide spread of new viruses every day). These programs can be purchased together or from separate manufacturers or free programs can be used.

You may have too many programs running at the same time.

  • Everything that you see on your desktop screen is using up memory. This causes the computer to slow down.
  • You can turn off some of the auto launch icons on the south east side of your desktop.
  • You can also check your task manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Delete or simply right click the task bar and select to open the task manager) for the programs which are eating up our memory such as active backgrounds, extra sidebars, and extra windows.
  • On task manager processes you can turn off all the extra programs except the “Explorer.exe Systray”.

Your Computer’s hard drive may need some Defragmenting.

  • Run the windows defragment program at least once a month to ensure that the extra spaces of your hard drive are open for new programs to be added.
  • You can run the defragment program by opening My Computer > Right Click the Drive > Properties > Tools > Defragment.

Your Computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory) may not be enough or is crashing down due to running too many programs at the same time.

  • You can check if your RAM can support the number of programs you run from the task manager.
  • To access the performance of your computer simply runs the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and selecting the performance tab. If the CPU Usage is reaching more than 75% you may need to shut down some of the other programs running. You can also run one program at a time to be sure that the computer usage will not go passed the limit of which the computer can withstand.

I hope that these solutions may have helped you in solving your problem.

Good luck in solving the problem!

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Computer is running too slow, how will I fix it?


Keep your computer clean. 

Cleaning dust from your computer, especially from the inside will help keep the computer cool.
• Malware: Spyware and Viruses can slow the PC down. So using updated antivirus software is recommended.
• Remove ‘Resource Hungry' applications. 
They are of two types:
  • Programs that you don’t use now.
  • The programs that start when windows start.
• Accumulation of junk: useless temporary files, cache files, cookies etc. Eats up disk space and slows down your computer.
Use any cleanup tool to remove them from your computer.
• Regular defragment: files are stored in part by part, here and there in hard disk. It takes time to collect information from every part to make a full file. You should defrag your computer regularly to avoid this.
• Errors in hard drive: Logical errors and physical damage in hard disk can make your PC slow. Check the disk on a regular basis.


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Computer is running too slow, how will I fix it?

  • Delete all unwanted programs.
  • Install or update anti virus program.
  • Run Reginout Scan.
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Computer is running too slow, how will I fix it?


Speed up your computer by:

  1. Cleaning system junk.
  2. Optimizing computer services.
  3. Optimizing internet.
  4. Repairing registry.
  5. Defraging registry.
  6. Clearing browsers junk.

Do these things with some secure tool such as Intel Software Partner Reginout.

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Computer is running too slow, how will I fix it?


In what particular instance are you receiving this slowdown of your computer? Are you playing games or while browsing the net? Or it just simply happens when you turn on your PC? There are many causes of a slowdown in your computer. And the most common cause is, if your computer is infected with a virus, malware or spyware. In this case, you need to perform a full scan on your computer using your antivirus software.

The next possible reason could be your processor might be overheating. When the processor temperature is high, it will erratically slow down your computer. Your computer's fan may fail due to the dust that prevents the fan from spinning, the motor of the fan failed, or the bearings are loose. You can clean the fan, but the life span is still reduced so you need to add another one just in case. The processor can also overheat when the heat sink is not correctly placed on the processor or if the thermal paste that has been applied is not of good quality that easily runs dry. So you need to re-apply it. Overclocking is another reason for a slowdown of PC. It can cook your processor. If you can, try using a complex and expensive water cooling systems.

Another possible reason is if your RAM is bad. Either it is overheating or you do not have sufficient RAM available. You can always buy a new one, but you need to check first if it matches with your motherboard.

You can also check for hardware issues. There are many reasons for imminent failure on your HD. Some of these are:

– A number of bad sectors

– Boot failures

– Unexplained BSOD

– and more.

Run scandisk or chkdsk if this is the case. Always create a backup on your data. Listen to any disk noise from your CPU as it is the common indicator for a failing drive.

You may also consider changing and upgrading to SATA if you're still using the old IDE PATA type. Check the programs you are installing, oftentimes it is also the reason for a slowdown on your computer.

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Computer is running too slow, how will I fix it?


Hi  Cayle

There are many causes for being your PC slow.  Check out another Techyv where you will get more information about this issue.

Desktop computer is running slowly and not performing well

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