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I was installing Adobe Reader X on my Windows 7 when I got this error message, see below. I have tried reinstalling several times but the same error message popped up. 

I have searched the web but found no solution. Is this a registry-related problem?

Please help.

Adobe Reader X-error message-2147287035

Adobe Reader X – Installatie

Informatie over de Installatie van Adobe Reader X

Database: C:\Windows\Installer\39f53e.ipi.

Databasebestand kan nei worden geopend.

Systeemfout – 2147287035

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Seems like your Adobe reader soft is corrupted try to download the application from here :

Or from here:

Or only go to this site to know all about the instruction they give you to complete the whole installation process. Remember be careful in every step’s because it is so sensitive soft if you wrong install it than it is really hard to re-install it. By so fare you will see the success. Post your problem in this forum regularly.

Thank you.

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Hello Rowena Evert,

This is the problem with your Microsoft Installer application. In order to get rid of this issue you must do the following things;

·         The Adobe Reader version you are trying to install might not be compatible with your Operating System so check the compatibility between the both.

·         Try running the Windows installer in admin mode, follow these steps;

·          Right click on the setup.exe file and choose “Run as Administrator”

Hopefully your issue will be resolved.