RAM for my laptop i5.

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Hello! i have a laptop , intel core i5 , i want to ask 2GB of RAM would be sufficient to run this properly. Here is all combination

Intel Core i5
2.30 Ghz CPU 430M
512MB ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics
Operating System: Windows 7  64Bit

Would you think this would be good combination.

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RAM for my laptop i5.


The need for a much greater amount of RAM on your laptop really depends on your personal needs. Your processor is included in the latest lineup of Core processors:

  1. Intel Core i7
  2. Intel Core i5
  3. Intel Core i3

And the quite older lineup includes:

  1. Intel Core 2 Solo
  2. Intel Core 2 Duo
  3. Intel Core 2 Quad, and
  4. Intel Core 2 Extreme

Intel Core i5 processors are installed, mostly, on mobile computers just like your laptop.

2GB of RAM is already big for ordinary users. But if you're inline with video editing, then a much more greater amount of RAM is needed. The overall performance of a computer depends on the devices installed. Let's say you have this specs on your computer:

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 512MB DDR RAM
  • 512MB ATI RADEON video card

With this specs, your computer will perform in a quite slow phase. Although you have an excellent fast processor and a video card with big built-in RAM, the installed physical RAM is small. Even if your processor executes every command really fast, it needs first to load the data being accessed to RAM. And here, since you only have a quite small RAM, part of the data will be loaded to the SWAP FILE that your Windows is using. In Windows XP, it is called PAGE FILE. It is located in drive C where your Windows is installed. Accessing data in a page file is slow because it needs to read from your hard drive and there is really a big difference when accessing data in RAM and in the hard drive. Your computer balances the amount of data loaded in RAM and transfers part of it to the page file. The more RAM, the lesser the amount of data transferred to page file, the faster the computer will be. But don't get me wrong. Bigger RAM will only improve the performance of the computer. And not make the processor run beyond its speed.

Thanks. This is all the info I can share with you.




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RAM for my laptop i5.


Dear Asif,

If you are using Intel Core 5 on Windows 7 then I will advise you that your current RAM of 2GB is enough for you.

You shall have 512MB graphic card along with it.

2GB sounds less but contains a lot of data.

You don’t need big memory unless you are a programmer or using high resolution videos.

Therefore, 2GB is enough for you!

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RAM for my laptop i5.


Hi Asif123,

It would really depends on what you are doing. If you are using that for schools like just for typing a document or surfing in the Internet etc. I think 2GB of RAM in enough but id you are doing or using big stuffs or software like Rendering VIdeos you really have to upgrade your RAM so that it would maximize the performance of your laptop since you have an i5 processor.

If you have only 2GB of Ram I advice you to downgrade you OS to 32bit. if you are using a RAM that is higher that 4GB then you must installed 64 bit.


Hope it helps.:)

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