Dell Gx280 System produces more sounds

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I am in possession of a dell GX280 system – its form factor being tower – that has shown the following issues lately:

1. Fan issues: first and foremost the fan is very noisy and secondly it runs really fast. The system also hangs a lot and has really slowed down lately with processor really heating up. I did try applying the processor paste to the processor, while this did make the noise go away, it didn’t solve the slowness of the computer.

2. Slow boot up: when turn the computer on, it takes ages for the machine to come on most of the time is spent on the dell splash screen. Initially this used to take a few seconds but lately it takes from anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes before the windows start screen shows on the monitor
Would really appreciate if someone has experienced these problems before and overcame them would help
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Dell Gx280 System produces more sounds


Good Day to you

First may i ask how old is your Computer?

1. The Fan Produce more noise and runs fast because the  CPU fan is running so fast , because the CPU is getting so hot. There are two problems that associates with this:

  • first is that the grease in the sleeve in the fan might have ran out
  • second is that the CPU heat sink might have more dust stuck between the pins preventing the from moving through it removing the heat.

This causes the very slow performance of your computer, well you should first turn off your computer, remove the Fan and apply some grease to it, clean the heat sink with vacuum, and remove all the clogging dirts on the fan. this way the fan won't be producing more noise.

always clean your computer, use compressed air / vacuum to remove dirts also apply grease on each of the fan, clean computer also lessen the cost of electricity you are using.

2. If your computer is placed on a warm environment, this also causes more heat and will make the fan run faster, try placing your computer on a cooler place. A cooler and cleaner area of the same room might be fine, but you may have to consider moving the computer somewhere else entirely.

3. Additional Fans/ upgrading your fans if your fan is too small this will not be sufficient to cool your CPU,  Many companies sell large CPU fans that help keep CPU temperature lower than a factory installed fan ever could. i assume that the one that's in your computer now is probably a bottom-of-the-line fan that cools your processor,  just enough to keep it working properly, and that's assuming it's running at full speed.

3. Maybe The Settings of Fan in your bios has been changed or you might have set-up something that wasn't right. that's why its making your fan run faster, reset the components of your bios. Generally, the easiest and Typical method is to remove the power cord from the computer, open it and look for a button battery (usually bigger than the ones in a watch) this is what we call CMOS Battery, remove it for five or ten minutes. and then Turn on your computer see how it goes.

4. Power Supply is Defective or very dirty clogged with dirts, The power supply in your PC has a large fan built into it. The air you feel when you hold your hand behind your computer is from this fan. if you don't have  a case fan this is the only fan that is working to remove hot air inside your computer out. your computer will heat up very quickly if this fan is not working. use vacuum to remove dirts and apply grease to the fan. if the fan is not working anymore you should replace the power supply with a new one. this is important because this will help you remove heat from inside the CPU.

5. This is quite expensive but it will surely cool up your computer, Installing a phase change units  A phase change unit can be thought of as a aircon for your CPU. It utilizes many of the same technologies to cool or even freeze a CPU. this is quite expensive and cost from between $500 – $1000 or more.

that's it

Good luck to you 🙂


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Dell Gx280 System produces more sounds


Firstly you have to your computer system for viruses. Most of like these problems occur due to virus infection (big sound of fan also.). If you reinstall your system most of problems will solve.

Please clean your fan and check whether it is fixed well. And remember to format your system once for three months.   

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Dell Gx280 System produces more sounds



The Dell GX280 is one of those machines that can be classified as awesome with excellent processor speeds among others. I have noted that whenever I visit this site there is always chatter about the system, therefore would you please pass more information regarding your issues. Generally speaking however this blog is a mine of knowledge and ideas and I appreciate the post.
Having said that I must point out the fact that refurbished laptops are equally feature packed if not more and will usually have excellent discounts

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