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This error message window occurs when you run VBScript i.e, (.vbs) file. Considering my schedule, I usually deal in making Log-on scripts. Please see below for the screenshot and kindly advise for the solution. Thank you.


Windows Script Host      
Script: E:\scripts\MapNetworkDrive\RemoveNetworkDrive      
Line: 12      
Char: 1      
Error: This network connection does not exist.      
Code: 800708CA      
Source: WSHNetwork. RemoveNetworkDrive      

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Please follow the process here I discussed. It's nothing so exceptional to facing the problem like you have. 

Here I discuss the solution step by step,

1. At first Go to Start menu to Run and type Regedit

2. Now you have to find out the given below key-

HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWin dows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

 3. On the right hand pane, must have find Userinit.

4. Now put a double click in it so that it can edit its value.
Its value probably  something like this (It will be depend upon your Windows Installation Directory):

5. Remove the entry which load wscript.exe(c:windowssystem32wscript.exe) .

6. Now restart your pc.

For more better releif you also can visit here: Windows Script Host Error