MSC Adams Software Installation Error

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Hi there, TechyV!

I want to use a multibody dynamics and motion analysis software called MSC Adams. I tried installing it, but this error message came up.

I have Administrator access and as far as I know there's nothing wrong with my hard disk.

How can I check if the directory (C:Windows) is writable? I have installed other programs before, and they worked fine.

Please help, thank you very much. 

SystemRoot Check

MSC Adams requires the directory (C:Windows) to be writable in order

for a successful installation. Please open up the permissions on this

directory or install MSC Adams with Administrator privileges.


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MSC Adams Software Installation Error



The solution of your problem you will get if you install it in a right way, so follow these instructions please. The installation program has a Java based Graphical User Interface that will use the X-Windows display protocol. For this go to the installation directory which you have already created, Locate the installation program and the full path to the installation program is needed here.

Now start the installation program like it from a shell window prompt enter: /tmp/adams_installer/setup.bin you will see the information, Initializing Install Shield Wizard, Extracting Bundled JRE Verifying JVM, Launching Install Shield Wizard , The installation program's Welcome dialog is displayed. 

Now selecting Install will begin the installation. The License Manager dialog allows you to choose the method for communication with an MSC License Manager. Here you can select your HTML Browser that will be used to access all documentation that you have already installed. Select Finish to complete the installation.

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MSC Adams Software Installation Error


If you are using Windows 7, try installing MSC Adams using the “Run as” option. Also, make sure you are using an administrator account to install the application aside from using the “Run as” option. Right-click the MSC Adams installer and select “Run as administrator”. See if this works. But if you don’t have an administrator account, the “Run as” option will still not work.

Ask someone who has an administrator account on the computer to install the program for you or ask the network administrator to install the program for you. Installing the program with complete administrative privileges should fix the problem. For more info on MSC Adams, go to The Multibody Dynamics Simulation Solution.

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