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Okay first off, Thanks for reading!

And if it is bad for me, can I like get under a blanket and then put it on my lap? Would that be better?

I know that's a silly 1st grade kind of question but well....I’m a curious person, anyways, thanks!

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Hello !

Well to tell you the truth, the worst place that you put your laptop is on your Lap, why? 

Because First of all it’s harmful to your health because you are more likely grasping radiation, second it may cause overheating and would be harmful to your laptop because you may block the exhaust vents.

Finally the danger of falling off: O. 

But if the vents are not blocked then go for it :) they wouldn’t call it Laptops for Nothing , but please don’t put a blanket underneath it because it might burn.

Don’t worry about that radiation mambo jumbo it really isn’t proven yet so why bother.

I hope this is helpful


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After reading your question, I thought I would share my views on it. Either you are a male or a female that is not a main issue. The issue is whether keeping laptop in your lap is bad or not? I would say “Yes” it is bad for your body if you keep it for a long period of time. If you keep it for a small duration than it’s ok, but still the risk always remains.

By the term “LAPTOP” it means above the lap. Now it depends on your laptop, whether it gets heated up or not because if it does than it’s very risky. The risk which involves is the internal organs may start malfunctioning due to the excess heat passing through that portion of the body. You have asked about putting a blanket in between, I would say you can but putting any clothes beneath a laptop make the laptop even hotter.

So a laptop should always be kept above a solid object may be (Wood, Plastic, Metal). So the conclusion in which I have arrived and would suggest is do not use laptop on top of your lap for long duration of time. Use it but for a short period only and stay safe and healthy. 

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Hello Rasel,

It is very much risky for you to put a laptop on your lap as it might be hot and can cause skin infection and serious damage because of it's radiation activities. You can use a table ( which is usual among desktop users), or you can let a paper book or simply a book under your laptop and then put it on your lap. Check the links below for cautionary measures about laptop computers:

It is very difficult to use laptops sitting on a chair. however, make sure you do not spoil your blanket by making fire just because of lying the laptop over the blanket too.

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I depends on how hot your laptop gets, how long you type on it, and how sensitive you are to heat. Some people are very sensitive to heat and burn easily, some laptops get extremely hot. Either way, it's very unnatural position to your body to be in and too much of it and you can create some health problems like carpal tunnel.

However, the only measurable radiation emission from a laptop computer is radio waves. We are constantly exposed to such radiation from all directions and multiple sources, including radio and TV signals, electronic appliances, etc. Current data indicate that these are not harmful to our health. There is, however, quite a bit of heat generated within the laptop while it is on. It is for this reason manufacturers recommend against extended periods of use with the computer on your lap.

Pauline Carla Mabilangan

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No it is not better to keep laptop on lap or on blanket or anything that is soft because in maximum laptop the cooling fan (to remain laptop normal by avoiding extra heat) is at back side of laptop so if u keep laptop on soft something the heat air can not go outside as a result laptop goes hot and at a maximum level of heat, laptop takes auto restart and it may cause hardware damage. So it is best to keep laptop on hard something like table.