Problem on Blue Screen of Death

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I have a Dell XPS 15 and got a problem on Blue Screen Of Death, I ran the Dell Checkup program and it says I have 40 bad sectors. I try to clean install my Windows 7 but the same errors occur. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? 

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Problem on Blue Screen of Death

There is a number on the first line of the screen that starts with 0000000000xxxx. Depending on this number the solution is easier to find.
Regarding that you mention that there are some bad sectors, according to the Dell test tool, you can try the following:
1. You will need your windows startup disk that came with your XPS. Try to boot from the CD, turning the computer off and then restart it, and start pressing F10 so you will enter to the boot menu.
2. Choose CD to start from Windows from the CD.
3. After starting from the CD, you will enter to a menu where you can choose the repair my computer option, choose that option and you will get into a DOS black screen.  
4. Type at the prompt: chkdsk /r. Maybe you will be prompted to enter your admin password. Let the system perform the repairs. If everything goes fine, you will get a message of repairs done. Restart the system and check if everything is ok. 
5. If the problem is still there, we will need the error code I mentioned above.

Hope this helps


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Problem on Blue Screen of Death


If the CHKDSK solution doesn't work suggested in the reply above, I'm afraid that the hard drive is failing and will die soon. You can use Ubuntu Live CD to get off the data stored on it and later, perform complete reinstallation of Windows to check and see if it might works for few more weeks. However, best bet is to change or replace the problem hard drive with a newer hard drive and use the old one as a backup or secondary drive.


Hope it sounds helpful for you.

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