Problem Windows in a portable hard drive

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All I want to ask is this. Yesterday, I managed to install Windows 7 on a portable hard drive. So the problem here is that, I want to try to open the windows in the hard drive of another computer. But it cannot open the windows when it was in its boot through a portable hard drive.  However, it can be opened if it's in my computer.

What is the solution?

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Problem Windows in a portable hard drive


What i  have understood from your question is that,  you copied windows 7 into a portable hard drive but the problem is it does not run at boot or simply it's not bootable. I will tell you how to create a bootable disk, just follow my instructions:

1. Format the USB as NTFS. After that, go to My Computer and right click the drive name->properties. In the format box, select NTFS and click start.(image 1).

2. Now, go to start->run type cmd and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

3. In command prompt, type disk part. Wait for some time and then type list volume and press enter.

4 Find the volume of your removable drive.

5. Type select volume,  * where * is your volume number. and press enter.

6. Now,  type active and press enter, then type exit and press enter.

7. Now, create a boot sector for this, first find your DVD drive or in your case, the path to download windows 7.

8. For example,  its drive f. In cmd, type f and press enter.  Next, type boot sect(space)/nt 60(space), flash drive name and press enter.

That's it! you now have a bootable pen drive.

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Problem Windows in a portable hard drive


Awesome! Now,  I can create a bootable disk! Your new useful advice means so much to me.

Seamus thanks.

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