How To Erase A Hard Drive PC To Upgrade Your Workstations.

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with improvement, you may want to upgrade your workstations and remove all the old computers. But disposing off hard drive can be a problem as it may contain sensitive data. You can erase the information you do not need, from a hard disk. how to erase a hard drive PC?

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How To Erase A Hard Drive PC To Upgrade Your Workstations.



1) Go to start menu.

2) Go to settings.

3) Select update and security.

4) Click the recovery option.

5) Click on ‘get started’ in the reset this PC tab.

6) Choose either remove everything or keep my files.

7) Follow the onscreen instruction to do recovery process.

8) Your PC will reset.


1) Open the charm menu.

2) Click on search and type reinstall.

3) Click on settings.

4) Select remove everything and reinstall windows.

5) Go to ‘reset your PC screen’ and click next.

6) When you are prompted with a window asking ‘do you want to fully clean drive’ choose according to your convenience.

7) Click reset. Your PC will restart.


1) Insert the CD and restart the PC.

2) Press any key to boot from CD.

3) Press enter when the welcome screen appears.

4) Click any key when prompted to do so.

5) Click install windows and then next.

6) Agree the license agreement. And click next.

7) Go to custom option.

8) Click drive options.

9) Click on disk0 and then next.

10) This formatting will overwrite the already existing contents.

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