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The error below appears, when I am Using Firefox with SAS Web Report Studio

Error: could not configure modal dialog.

Make sure popup windows are not blocked in your browser. This happens when I shifted to Firefox instead of Internet explorer, I decided to use Firefox because the internet explorer fails to run smoothly it will close in the middle of work, but the error I mentioned above did not appear ever since. I check on my antivirus and firewall all are in correct modes.

What might be the problem of my Firefox browser that fails to run SAS Web Report Studio. Should I reinstall my internet explorer and leave alone Firefox?

If there are some solution on whether I can still use Firefox, that would be great.

Thanks all.

The page at http://localhost:8080 says:

ERROr: could not configure modal dialog.

Make sure popup windows are not blocked in your browser.

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Hi Jamescoulty,

Are you using Mozilla Firefox 2 or 3?

If not, then maybe that is the cause of your problem. SAS Web Report Studio only supports Firefox 2 and 3 browsers. You can also try setting your Firefox browser options by enabling modal dialog boxes.

1. Go to Firefox - Tools - Options - Content tab

2. Remove check for "Block pop-up windows". Note that when this option is checked, the dialog box from SAS Web Report Studio will not open.

3. Still on the Content tab, Check the "Enable JavaScript" option. Right beside it is an "Advanced" settings. Check all these options:

  • Move or re-size existing windows
  • Raise or lower windows
  • Disable or replace context menus

Note that these settings are required for modal dialog boxes to work with SAS Web Report Studio.

4. Click "OK" to save your settings

Hope this helps.


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The error is occurring probably because you are trying to execute an action that is not considered to be a user-initiated action, and therefore you will need to display a floating div, or alternatively use window.createPopup instead of HTML dialogs or This error will occur mostly in the Internet zone, and the reason to that is that the pop-up blocker is only enabled by default in Internet and untrusted zones.

You are the on to specify if you want the pop-up windows to appear, and therefore you can configure the pop-up blocker and make it to be more or less restrictive, or you can choose to turn it off altogether to avoid getting such problems.

Clair Charles