Problem with Fraction format in Excel

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Good day!

While it is true that we can use the Fraction format in the Number group (Home) to enter fractions as fractions and not date

(such as 1/5 and not 5-Jan, etc.).

How can we prevent Excel from automatically rounding off to 1/2 for fractions that are actually equal to 1/2 but we want it displayed the way we key-in the fraction (e.g. 3/6, 4/8, 5/10, etc).

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Problem with Fraction format in Excel


Fraction formatting in Excel could be very tricky especially when you are no used to solving problems that involves calculation with Microsoft Excel.

So, anytime you are having problem with fraction formatting, you can follow the steps as narrated below:

  • Open an Excel blank  worksheet and highlight the areas that you want formatted in fractions by clicking the cells with your mouse.
  • Select fraction from the displayed menu. You will observe that any data within the highlighted areas will be in fraction format.
  • Position you cursor in the highlighted area and right click the mouse and you will see rows of menus.


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Problem with Fraction format in Excel


The first method:

  • Suppose that the cell that you want to add fraction on it is A1.
  • Format the cell as text.
  • If you want to treat with the cell as calculation you have to use the following formula:


The second method:

  • If you know the denominator number you can easily get the custom format and change it like the following:

     # ???/X

Note: X  > refer to the denominator.

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