How increment the values in cells in decimal point ordering

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I have only used Microsoft excel during college days and now I really regret to have no expertise in the same. I have to enter a set of numbers, indeed they are quite a lot. All the numbers should be in ascending order. The difference between the numbers should be some times 0.5 and sometimes 0.44. It varies a lot. Presently I am doing it manually because I didn’t studied topics on MS Excel. But, better late than never. I will put more efforts towards learning. Kindly give me support to start with.

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How increment the values in cells in decimal point ordering


1. Select the desired rows or columns that you want to enter the numbers.

2. Right click inside the selected area. It will appear in blue color. Select ‘Format cells’ option.

3. Change the option selected from ‘General’ to ‘Number’ inside Number. There is a box to enter the number of decimal places we want. We can enter how many decimal places we want in the excel sheet. Click OK.

4. Enter the first two numbers in the work place. Select the data entered two rows or columns and drop up to the last row or column that you want to enter the data. Click on ‘fill series’ from Auto fill options. All the selected area will fill according to the difference between the first two rows or columns.

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